Transforming Lives through the Power of Clean Water – a P&G and National Geographic Documentary

Description: To many, clean water is something we take for granted. For those without it, access to clean water can be transformational. Watch this inspiring story of three women from different countries – Kenya, Indonesia and Mexico – and see how their lives were improved when introduced to the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program through our NGO partners CARE, ChildFund and World Vision.…

Matt Damon: Connecting The World To Clean Water | CNBC

Matt Damon, actor, director and co-founder; Gary White, co-founder, and Anne Finucane, Bank of America vice chair, talk about the benefits of providing affordable clean water and sanitation to those people without access to it.
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Pitcher Water Filters: 5 Fast Facts

See The 10 Best Pitcher Water Filters on Ezvid Wiki ►►

Fact #1. One of the first water purifiers was invented by Hippocrates. He called it the Hippocratic sleeve. It was made of cloth, which was used to treat water before he gave it to his patients. Sir Francis Bacon followed up with his own experiments in the 16th century. His goal was to use sand to filter the salt out of seawater. The results weren’t exactly incredible, but he did pave the way for further research.

Fact #2. The first water filtration plant was created by a Scottish …

Clean water: continuing a family legacy

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BRITA Aluna XL Water Filter Jug

With its modern design, clean lines and practical functions, the Aluna jug makes drinking water a real pleasure. The MAXTRA filtration technology reduces limescale quickly and easily, allowing the full aroma of coffee and tea to develop. Featuring the BRITA memo which tells you when to change your cartridge.…

Love & Clean Water – Elevator Music (inspired by Jason Mraz)

Just a little cheesy elevator music to set the mood.

Support Kacy in her quest to raise ,000 for Clean Water in the DR Congo by running the LA Marathon!

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Inspired by “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.

Kacy Yardley – Vocals
Brian Yardley – Vocals, Ukulele
Linden Yardley – Vocals, Hand Motions
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