CapitalTV; Multan doesn’t need Metro Bus, the city needs clean water and schools: Imran Khan

(PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Thursday that the long, dark night will end after the general elections are held this summer. The PTI chairman was referring to the “30-year-rule of the Sharifs”.Addressing party supporters at Double Phaatak Chowk area of the city, which he is touring as part of the party’s membership campaign, Imran said the PTI is on its way to do politics of the 21st century.…

The Spring – The charity: water story

The charity: water story

Ten years ago, former nightclub promoter Scott Harrison set out to solve the water crisis in his lifetime.
Today, more than one million people have made it their mission too. This is all of our story.

If you don’t have time but would love to know more about our story, here are some great parts to skip to:
3:15 l When Scott decided to turn his life around.
7:46 l Why water?
9:50 l Our core values & the beginning of charity: water.
12:19 l Give up your birthday.
12:50 | Rachel’s story.
17:35 …

CLEAN your RV fresh water tank in LESS than 3 MINUTES!

How to clean out your RV water tank!

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Turapur Water Pitcher Review: Does It Help Make Clean Water?

Check out my Turapur Water Pitcher Review video where I give you a real demonstration of how to use this product. I’ve tried other water pitchers and in this video I give you the pros and cons regarding Turapur Pitcher in this review.

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Turapur Pitcher Review – Does it REALLY fight aging?

How to Clean Water Hydration Bladders

How to Clean Water Hydration Bladders Water hydration bladders are a great way to stay hydrated when you are hiking, camping, any time you spend time outdoors. If you like using water hydration bladders, you know how important it is to care for them correctly to avoid funky smells and weird tastes. This is how I clean my water hydration bladder after a day out hiking, camping, or hunting. Hydration bladders are expensive, and with a bit of care you can help them last.

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Quick Tips – Turn Polluted Water into CLEAN Water using RAIN | The Forest

This quick tip video will show you how to turn polluted water you collect from ponds, lakes etc into fresh water. It also goes over where to find pots, maps, and other helpful tips.

This does not require a water collector

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