#Review Trail Base Water Filter Kit premio OutDoor Show 2017

Información y precio:
Ricardo representante en España de MSR nos muestra el Kit MicroFiltro TrailBase. Que incluye un dos Gravity 2l uno para el agua para filtra y otro para el agua filtrada + MicroFiltro Trail Premio #OutdoorFN Oro 2017 #friedeschafen

El fabricante Mountain Safety Research (MSR®), fabricante de equipos de exterior de alto rendimiento y líder del mercado en tratamiento de agua pen actividades #Outdoor, ganó el Outdoor Industry Award 2017. El versátil kit de filtro de agua MSR® TrailBase fue galardonado.

El kit de filtro de agua Trailbase MSR®, ganador en la categoría “Accesorios”, es uno de los …

Turapur Water Pitcher Review: Does It Help Make Clean Water?

Check out my Turapur Water Pitcher Review video where I give you a real demonstration of how to use this product. I’ve tried other water pitchers and in this video I give you the pros and cons regarding Turapur Pitcher in this review.

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Turapur Pitcher Review – Does it REALLY fight aging?

Best Shower Filter Reviews of 2017

Some time ago I thought shower filters were just contrivances for well-being monstrosities and ladies with extremely sensitive hair and skin. Perusing about different research discoveries altered my opinion. Concentrates found that separating your shower’s water likely guides your well being more than the faucet water filter on your kitchen fixture.

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How to Clean Water Hydration Bladders

How to Clean Water Hydration Bladders Water hydration bladders http://amzn.to/2ej7fky are a great way to stay hydrated when you are hiking, camping, any time you spend time outdoors. If you like using water hydration bladders, you know how important it is to care for them correctly to avoid funky smells and weird tastes. This is how I clean my water hydration bladder after a day out hiking, camping, or hunting. Hydration bladders are expensive, and with a bit of care you can help them last.


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Quick Tips – Turn Polluted Water into CLEAN Water using RAIN | The Forest

This quick tip video will show you how to turn polluted water you collect from ponds, lakes etc into fresh water. It also goes over where to find pots, maps, and other helpful tips.

This does not require a water collector

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I use Imgur to post some of the pictures from my videos, you …

Drinking 60 year Old Emergency Water in a Can

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