? Rapping For Clean Water ?

The Vlimpse squad is at it again. Rutgers University BSA held a charity formal to help raise money for locals and refugees to get clean water in Bangladesh. Sadly Sharear lost his monkey mask. He was very upset about it but the show must go on. We performed for about 15 minutes. I also got to meet a friend that I met online. Jose made me a fan art and came to the event with it framed. He surprised me and in return I gave him some exclusive merch.

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Sha Vlimpse is projected to be the next science teaching rapper. With his Bachelor in Biological Science, Sha started off as a typical youtube and transition his way into rap music. With his first song back after two years Sha went viral on Facebook with a music video he made at graduation. With his recent accomplishments, Sha has started pursuing music. What makes this artist different is that he documents all his journey of becoming a rapper. Becoming a rapper is a long journey, watch as Sha Vlimpse gets further into chasing his dreams with every passing week.