$20 Complete Backpacking Gravity Water Filter System: 5 Minute Build

Update: 9/29/2017
The HydroBlu Versa Flow water filter with Accessories is now .95 on Amazon.
The Sawyer Mini is .95 on Amazon so this is still a good, lower priced option.
I am still using the same filter shown in this video, published over a year ago.
Hello everyone. I wanted to share a quick build for a complete gravity water system. All components can be found on Amazon and are available on Prime for less than !
System weighs 6.6 ounces without additional components.

Here are the two components that are required for the bare bones, yet effective filter:
UST Dry Bag:

Versa Flow Filter:

Additional Components:
Sawyer Inline Adapters for Screw On Filters:

64 Ounce Sawyer Pouch: