2015 UNICEF Tap Project: Access to Clean Water in Rwanda

The UNICEF Tap Project is back on March 1st, 2015. How long can you go without your phone for this year’s challenge? 15 minutes could help provide a child with clean water for 1 day –so every minute counts! Take the challenge on your cell phone at http://uniceftapproject.org and dare your friends and family to beat your time.

In this video, see how a water well being placed in a Rwandan village changed the lives of two young orphans and their siblings. The children no longer have to walk for hours or get hurt trying to find clean water for their families. Easy access to drinking water has improved the health of these families as well as giving the children peace of mind.

About the UNICEF Tap Project:
The funds raised will be used for water, sanitation and hygiene programs in countries with the most need. The longer you go without touching your smartphone, the more clean water will be unlocked for children in need. When you can’t resist any longer our sponsors will make a donation to support the UNICEF Tap Project based on the time you went without your phone. At this point you can make an even bigger difference by making a donation yourself. As little as can provide a child clean water for 200 days.

This year’s goal is to unlock 14 million days of clean, safe water for children around the world by encouraging you to stop using your phone. Remember to share and like this UNICEF Tap Project video to spread the word.

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