8 Great Water Filter Technology Advancements

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Know some of the latest developments
in water filtration technology
1. Filtering Water with Nanotechnology
Nanotech kills bacteria and organic compounds
using UV rays from the sun
2. Lifestraw
It filters the membrane and charcoal filter
and purifies water ON THE GO
3. Photocatalytic Water Purification Technology
This treatment process removes
arsenic and bacteria among others
4. Acoustics Nanotube Technology
This new technology pushes water
away from contaminants
5. SunSpring System
This system uses a seven-mile membrane
for stopping microbiological toxins
6. Tata Swach
This water purifier uses rice husk ash
and nano silver to kill disease causing germs
7. Euglena Biofiltration System
This water treatment uses controlled algae
to absorb toxins in the water
8. Sun light and High Tech Materials
Sunlight will do wonders for water
with TiO2 and Graphene