Cheap clean drinking water; TDS Meter to test for purity

TDS Meter:

TDS tester for drinking water.

You can test your drinking water with what’s known as a TDS Meter. you can pick one up on amazon bucks and I’ll link to one in the description.

As a van dweller we often have very small water tanks when compared to a larger class A or Class C RV. We’ll need to fill up our water tanks more often depending on our water usage.

The extra filter provided is usually treatment with ozone, ultraviolet light, or reverse osmosis. However after there was a study done in 2002 it concluded that the safety of the water is still uncertain due to contaiminets that may build up in the machine itself over time.

While every water source is different,, typically the machines remove 92-98% of the contaminants from the source water, and that includes fluoride. The source of that information comes from Glacier’s supplier of RO membrane filters.

They usually filter the most harmful contaminents but it’s up for debate on if it’s any safer than municipal tap water that goes into it and goes through an extra filtering process.

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