Clean Sip – The Smallest & Most Advanced Water Filter Straw

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Clean Sip is a scientifically developed and tested filtration straw giving you pure clean drinking water anywhere, anytime! Small enough to fit in your pocket and effective enough to reduce contaminants for up to 3 months, Clean Sip is a convenient and affordable solution.

Unlike other alternatives that use nano filtering systems and only remove bacteria, Clean Sip removes the whole array of unwanted ‘nasties’ from your water.

It uses state of the art technology comprising of 3 micro filters, an activated charcoal filter and a patented high purity metal alloy. This alloy, once wet, creates an electrostatic charge that attracts contaminants and removes them via a process known as Electro Chemical Oxidation Reduction (ECOR).

Clean Sip has been tested in 4 government approved international laboratories to remove chlorine, lead, fluoride, e-coli, mercury, aluminium, arsenic, algae, fungus, sediments and many more unwanted substances from your water.

Clean Sip is perfect for:

– At home & work to ensure safe clean water for you and your family

– Enjoying the outdoors (camping, hiking, fishing etc.) where the water source may be compromised.

– In your first aid kit as an emergency survival tool

– Overseas on holiday/travel in countries where the water source is questionable