Cow Sh*t to Clean Water

Over 1.1 billion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. When I heard of a nanotech water purifier that can be used to purify water from even fecal matter contaminated sources, I couldn’t help but test it out the “uncultured” way.

Thanks for getting this on the Frontpage everyone! Hope this spreads the word about my project…

The “Uncultured Project” is just a funny name for the journey I’ve started. It’s not a charity, organization, or anything formal like that. I’m just a guy who liquidated his life savings, bought a camera, and went abroad to try and help the poorest of the poor. For more, info check out:

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The LifeStraw Family uses nanotechnology (called hollow tubes) to filter water down to 25 nanometers and meets US EPA guidelines as a microbiological water purifier. They claim that one LifeStraw Family can purify enough water for a family of five for up to three years.

For those asking for tech info, here are the results from a study by the University of Arizona:

Full Disclosure: This is not a paid endorsement of LifeStraw Family. The manufacturers helped me come to Kenya and and provided some equipment to help me film this, but I was under no obligation to endorse them or their products.

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