Drop By Drop is a plant-based filtration system that works as a mini Amazon

Royal College of Art graduate Pratik Ghosh has designed a home filtration system that’s powered by herbs and purifies waste water from the kitchen.

Drop By Drop features a glass dome that houses plants, and pipes that allow water to be added in to be purified, and later collected. The system is designed for grey water – which comes from washing machines, sinks and baths.

A light within the dome triggers the plants to photosynthesize and transpire, which causes water to be drawn into the roots and evaporate from the leaves. A pump controls the system’s airflow and creates a vacuum to further expedite transpiration.

The moisture is then drawn out of the dome, and condensed to form purified distilled water – which can have salt added to make it suitable for drinking. Drop By Drop also releases oxygen into the room.

“The proof of concept is indeed a mini version of the Amazon,” said Ghosh, whose home fermentation tool, The Brinery, was also featured on Dezeen. “It is a biosphere wherein the five key factors necessary for efficient transpiration, namely warmth, wind, light, pressure and humidity, are maintained at an optimum level.”

Read more on Dezeen: https://www.dezeen.com/2017/07/10/drop-by-drop-plant-based-water-filtration-system-works-as-mini-amazon-rca-graduate-pratik-ghosh/

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