Faucet With Built In Water Purifier Filter – ActivTapp ClearWater Tech

The ActivTapp® is a residential kitchen water faucet with a built in water filtration system. This home faucet has a built in ozone system offering you the most powerful method to purify and disinfection your tap water.

This sleek and stylish faucet reduces bacteria, viruses, and pesticides found on fruit, vegetables, seafood, poultry, and meat, keeping food fresh. It also disinfects and oxidizes multi-food surfaces like sinks, counter-tops, sponges, and cutting boards, reducing mold and mildew.

Learn more about the features and benefits along with the different styles offered at US Water Systems: https://www.uswatersystems.com/activtapp-ozone-generator-faucet-from-clearwater-tech.html