Future House | Drinking Water from Thin Air

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Ask This Old House smart technology expert Ross Trethewey finds a solar panel that can generate clean drinking water out of thin air.

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Time: 2 hours

Cost: 00

Skill Level: Advanced

Tools List for Installing a Solar Panel to Get Drinking Water from Thin Air:

Shopping List:
Solar panel array
2×4 redwood
Lag bolts
3⁄8” water line

• Mount the redwood boards to structure in the roof with lag bolts.
• Connect the mounting bracket to the redwood boards using lag bolts.
• Connect the solar panel array to the mounting bracket.
• Connect the 3⁄8” water line to the water reservoir and the water reservoir to the house.
• From the inside, connect the waterline to the refrigerator or a dedicated faucet.

Ross saw the SOURCE solar panel array, manufactured by Zero Mass Water (https://www.zeromasswater.com).

The materials required to install these panels come included with the array.

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