GOBIE h2o filtered water bottle – clean water anywhere

http://www.gobieh2o.com/ please share this video as it highlights why GOBIE h2o is by far and away the most innovative and user friendly filtered water bottle on the market today. We can change the world, we just need your help!!! Mothers love the bottle because it is safe for their entire family to use, college kids love it because it gives them the financial freedom to go where ever they want throughout the day and not have to worry about spending money, travelers love it because it saves you tons of money at the airport, and environmentalists love it because of the huge waste saving implications.

There is no other bottle on the market today that uses the patented Flex-Flo technology! All other hard shell filtered water bottles have to utilize a straw system. These straw based filtering systems can cause teeth misalignment, wrinkling around the mouth, and can be breeding grounds for bacteria as it is extremely hard to clean inside of the straw. GOBIE is not only the highest functioning filtered water bottle, it is also the best looking. GOBIE perfectly balances form with function.

GOBIE gives you bottle water taste, without the cost or waste!!! Never buy bottled water ever again, now you have a filtered water bottle that is portable, sustainable, and most of all stylish.

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