How to Clean Murky Pond Water without Chemicals | Full Version

Is your small garden pond looking like pea soup? I came up with this simple way to clean the water in my pond which visibly clears the gunk within just a few hours. Please read the details to make sure you do it safely and properly.

Years ago my mom was struggling to get her pond water clear. After trying a traditional biofilter, which was too slow for the volume of gunk in the water, I came up with this idea for pre-filtering the water quickly before it goes through the submersible pump.

If you try this, it is at your own risk as I have no way of knowing your particular conditions or set up.

This is the type of quilt batting I use (
You must choose polyester, not cotton, and be certain there is not any fire retardant or other harmful additives in it.

I have tried this on about a dozen ponds now (all under 1000 gallons), and the water was clear each time within hours. Often you can see the change withing about 30 minutes if your submersible pump is working properly and the right size for the volume of water in your pond.

See the blog post for more details and please feel free to ask questions and let me know if you try this in your pond.


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Wishing you nice, clear pond water!

Empress of Dirt ♛