How to clean water bottles without brush: Easy DIY to clean smelly plastic and clear molds.

Cleaning glass or plastic bottles and cans can be tricky. The mold and bacteria buildup can cause uncomfortable smell nd odour . And cleaning with brush and other cleaning devices will not get you desired results. Cleaning with the cleaning agents found in the market can not only be expensive but also be dangerous.
This is where the many DIYs come into use. Cleaning with homemade agents will clean all the corner and edges where the brush cannot reach.
Here I have used the combination of age old cleaning agent known in every houseolds.
Ingredients used
2 tbsps baking soda
Half cup vinegar
I/4 tsp toothpaste
Add all the ingredients in the bottle to be cleaned with atleast qtr bottle of water in it.
Shake well until u r sure enough that it has cleaned all the inner corners.
Wash it with plain water and keep the bottle opener n let it dry for an hour.
Now ur smelly bottle is squeaky clean and ready to use.