How to clean water stains from aniline porous leather shoes

Tutorial to remove water stains from your aniline leather shoes using Colourlock products by

– Dust the shoes down and carry out a simple water test to find out if the leather is porous. If they are, water will penetrate the surface and sink into the leather.
– The next step is only suitable for porous (aniline) leather!
Wearing gloves, apply the COLOURLOCK Aniline Water Stain Remover thoroughly over the stained areas or the whole shoe if necessary. If the leather is not extremely porous the shoes may have to be soaked in a solution of water and Stain Remover – check with us first if not sure!
– Let dry naturally before moving onto the next step.
– Mix equal parts of COLOURLOCK Shoe Cleaner and water, and stir well. Apply the cleaner with a brush.
– Let dry with a rolled towel inside so the shoes keep their shape.
– Once dry, rub COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver wax with a cloth. This will protect the shoes and give them a slight glossy finish.

And you are done!

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