How to clean water tank at home without waste of water – Sedimclean

Sedimclean water tank cleaning machine is a unique product with patent applied. A compact, light weight and low power consumption device for cleaning of domestic water storage tank. Now no need to call someone for tank cleaning, no need to drain out water, no need to enter inside the tank, just sweep out deposited sediments in few minutes without affecting water


Application :- Sediment deposition cleaning in domestic water storage tank

Power Supply :- 230 V AC 50 Hz

Power Consumption:- 50 W Approximate

Cable Length :- 3 meters Approximate

Filter Media Rating :- 5 microns

Filtration area :- 690 square cm

Filter Media :- PP Nonwoven Filter Cloth

Continuous usage time :- Maximum 1 hour

Empty weight of unit :- 2.4 Kg Approximate.

Water filled weight of unit :- 4.2 Kg Approximate.

Suitable for water tank depth :- 600 mm to 1800 mm maximum

Suitable for Water Tank Capacity :- 500 Liters to 2000 Liters

Materials of Construction: – Poly Propylene & Other Plastics

Sedimclean Features & Benefits:

No need to empty out water storage tanks

No water supply discontinuity during cleaning of water storage tank

No wastage of water.

No need to enter inside the water tank for cleaning purpose.

No chemicals or consumables needed.

Easy to operate with self service design.

Very low tank cleaning time.

Very low power consumption.

User friendly, even ladies can operate.

Compact and light weight design.

Silent operation.

One machine suitable for 500 to 2000 liters capacity water storage

Unbreakable design.

Flow indicator for filter condition monitoring while machine is in

We are also introducing heavy duty water tank cleaning machine suitable for rough & tough application suitable for commercial as well as industrial applications in same brand.

Product is now available to buy on Amazon & Snapdeal.