Make clean water from dirty water !!!! Due to the hurricanes I would like to show people how to make clean water using the dirty water they are surrounded by. I visited Usha Village April 1-13th 2013.Dr. Sebi taught me the 21 steps to healing the body God’s way using his herbs in the comfort of your own home. His herbs healed me within 40 days after my 12 day visit. I was once an alcoholic and a heavy smoker for 20+ years, and as a result I almost totally destroyed my body. I was diagnosed with a heart murmur, lung disease, sluggish liver, IBS, prostate enlargement, adrenal gland burnout, bad skin, food allergies, etc. After trying many different herbal ways to improve my health, nothing really worked, until I found Dr. Sebi on You Tube. I decided to get on a plane and visit Dr. Sebi. My visit was a complete success. Today I am disease free. For more info on how to cure yourself of virtually any disease using his 21 steps at home, visit my website at: