OC-1: The Future Of Swimming Pool Filtration (2017)

Two new filters now compliment the OC-1 filtration media that is taking the Industry by storm. Introduced last year, OC-1 is stealing a march on traditional media with its outstanding benefits now eclipsing the likes of sand, gravel and glass. Lightweight and easy to transport, it is ideal for use with variable speed technology and maintains a constant flow even as it collects debris. In fact the debris capacity is more than 20 times that of sand!

Two new filters, specifically designed to work in perfect harmony with OC-1 media for both domestic and commercial installations, are being introduced for 2017.

For new installations the OC-1 Filters are the obvious choice. The Commercial version can be supplied complete with the OC-1 media already preloaded and allows quicker installation and avoids having to load sand or glass into the tanks on site. The Domestic version comes ready for the media to be installed and is easy to ship and quick to install. The OC-1 Filter range covers all applications from small domestic to the largest commercial installations.

OC-1 media really excels in the commercial sector. Potential savings in running costs come from the ability to reduce pump speeds and reduced backwashing. Add to that the advantage for new installations of the filter arriving with the media already installed and you can see that OC-1 is the obvious choice for the commercial application.

OC-1 filtration media is suitable for use on all pools and spas, be they domestic, commercial or hydrotherapy. It is easy to convert an existing sand filter for use with OC-1 with a simple lateral modification and take advantage of its benefits over traditional media such as sand or glass. Further details of the conversion can be found on our website www.oc-1filtrationmedia.com

OC-1 has been independently tested to EN16713-1 by the IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives). It passed all tests with flying colours and indeed surpassed certain tests to levels not seen before by the IFTS.

Certikin’s Commercial Manager, Steve Nelson says: “Since the launch of OC-1 we have had great feedback on the product and have good results with upgrading of existing sand filters and new installations going in every week. The growing popularity of the media is really starting to show. The advantages for the installers i.e. saving them time and giving a competitive advantage in the marketplace are beginning to be fully appreciated. This is backed up by the test results from IFTS that speak volumes for the performance of OC-1.”

Why YOU should switch to OC-1
 Reduces energy consumption – OC-1 maintains constant flow rates, even when the media becomes dirty. No downtime is required for heating/salt chlorinators/heat pumps going out on low flow. The constant flow means pumps can be run at lower speeds, thus saving energy.
 Huge capacity for debris collection – OC-1 offers over 20 times the capacity of sand or glass.
 Reduced requirement for backwashing and a more efficient backwash – Reduces water consumption, chemical usage and heating.
 Lightweight – Can even be shipped inside a filter, easy to handle and super quick and easy to install.
 Less Maintenance – lasts longer than sand, reduces pressure in the system, extending the life of equipment.
 Filters to International swimming pool standards.
 Suitable for ALL installations – domestic or commercial, outdoor or indoor, new installations or existing filters.
 Recyclable at end of product life.
 Payback typically 12-18 months.

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