Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer TK-AS41 – Unboxing and Installation – Clueless Dad

My wife made me get this Panasonic water purifier / alkaline ionizer for our house now that the baby is here. It’s the TK-AS41 model. Let’s unbox it and walk through the set it up in our kitchen. No tools are needed, just hands and some patience.

BTW – I think alkaline water is bunk, check out my rant here –

Here’s info on the product –
Alkaline Ionizer (filter soluble lead) TK-AS41
Suggested Retail Price HK,680 (~0 USD)

High performance Ultra Filtration System. Remove 13 substances including Trihalomenthane, Soluble Lead, mold smell, agricultural chemicals and etc
Alkaline: 3 levels; Weak Acidic: 1 level & Water Purifying
Continue Mode: Convenient to have Alkaline water frequently in short time
Cartridge: TK-7815C1
Made in Japan