SAVE MONEY! Clean Your Cartridge Water Filters

For several years I have cleaned my solid core cartridge drinking water filters to prolong the life of the filters by 3 to 5x, while saving a lot of money in the process. Good water filters can cost /each or more. In this video you will see exactly how I have done this countless times to restore very good drinking water quality(eliminate bad taste), as well as diminished water pressure. This method is very simple, only takes several minutes, and can only be used on a very common type of cartridge drinking water filter as shown in the video. Cartridge filters completely sealed inside of a plastic housing cannot be cleaned. Pleated paper filters(sediment), and cord wrapped filters are one time use / throw-aways(Inexpensive and not worth cleaning). Try this method for yourself, it works fantastic! I have never been dissatisfied doing this.

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