Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

This is a complete innovation in terms of the filtration system of vacuum cleanr, and obtains the national invention patent (patent no. : 201620876904.5), the technical innovation points are: inside the bucket with water filtration – gas water separation system, realize water filtration function, no pollution, no dust, no consumables, easy to clean.

Its working principle is: add a certain amount of water in the barrel before operation, then provide 10 Kpa suction by the powerful high-quality suction motor. Directly without transformation, breathing in all kinds of dust and water damage, as well as their mixture.

Dust and water damage is entered into the mixed gas water pipe, mix with the water joined advance by connecting pipe through the vent, make the dust dirt dissolves in the water in the barrel, then the bullishness of further mixed – water separator separation processing.

Water back into the barrel under the action of gravity , clean air discharge outside. Dumping a bucket of water can be completed within the processing of dust.

The float ball in the machine suck in automatically when the water is full, the machine automatic stop working, and ensure that water will not be inhaled into the motor, safe to use.

Different from common wet and dry vacuum cleaner, water filter type doesn’t need to put dust isolation during suction aspiration, water filter, will be able to penetrate every tiny dust, which is nowhere to escape!

Water filtration vacuum suction machine design for cleaning needs of families, hotels, apartments, clubs and other high-end occasions , exhaust clean, convenient processing, low use cost.

It can effectively absorb the invisible dust mites, bacteria, etc., and dissolve them into the water, it refuses to exhaust the secondary pollution. At the same time because there is no consumables, which can reduce the cost of users to use for a long time.