Why Horses Like Bleach – Why Horse Owners Should Like It – Clean Water Troughs

Mr. T was licking the clean water trough after I cleaned it with bleach – I have talked this before. Clean water has many health benefits for horses from encouraging drinking, helping the immune system, preventing colic and many others. WARNING: the bleach I use is Clorox from the U.S. – it may be different in other countries.

Horse Owners have more excuses for dirty water buckets than any other people around. Bleach really helps to prevent algae growth and helps kill other bacteria –

Once again – HORSE DRINKING WATER IS NOT A FISH TANK – keeping fish in your horse’s water is nasty, dirty, unsanitary and is a lazy excuse to not clean your water troughs. I have heard all the excuses how they keep it clean, eat mosquito’s, how they keep the water cleaner, they eat algae and it is all BS crap. Fish tanks are not clean, they dirty faster, they make it harder to clean since you either have to catch or remove the fish or like most lazy horse owners they just take out half the water and then fill the trough up – SMELL your water it should be odorless or have a clean smell, NOT a fish smell.