33 Splash-tastic Water Activities for Summertime Fun and Learning

There’s no better way to battle the heat of a summer day than a little water play! So grab the beach towels, slather on the sunscreen, and get ready for some epic fun with these incredibly refreshing water activities and games.

1. Turn a plastic bottle into a sprinkler

Water Activities

No sprinkler? No problem! Upcycle a plastic water bottle and use your DIY sprinkler for all kinds of water activities.

2. Toss water balloons using towels

Water balloon tosses are always fun, but this one ups the ante by requiring teamwork. Two teams snap the balloon back and forth until one team misses … and most likely gets wet!

3. Water the alphabet flowers

Grab the sidewalk chalk and plant a garden of colorful alphabet flowers. Then fill a watering can and “water” the flowers, calling out the letters along the way.

4. Use a plastic bag to explore the water cycle

Water Activities

A sealed plastic bag is the perfect environment for recreating the water cycle. Hang it in a sunny window and watch evaporation, condensation, and precipitation in action.

5. Lob some sponge bombs

Water Activities

Water balloons are fun, but they’re wasteful and messy too. These reusable “water bombs” are cheap, easy to make, and can be used for water activities over and over again.

6. Construct a water wheel

Brush up your engineering skills and assemble a water wheel with paper plates and cups. Try it out in the sink, or take it outside and use a hose instead.

7. Craft a giant water blob

Water Activities

This trendy toy is all over the web, but there’s no need to spend big bucks to buy one. Learn how to make your own giant “water blob” at the link.

8. Go fishing for numbers

Go fish! Float foam fish in a water table or kiddie pool. Add a paper clip to each one, and fish for them with a magnet on a string.

9. Experiment with water filtration

STEM water activities are fun, educational, and perfect for summertime exploration! Scoop up water from a creek or lake, then see how different types of filtration work.

10. Play tag with spray bottles

Water Activities

Add a new twist to the classic game of tag! The one who’s “It” gets the water bottle, chasing the others down. If you’re hit by the spray, it’s your turn to be “It”!

11. Make it rain

A little shaving cream and food coloring are all you need to perform this popular water science experiment about clouds and rain. Simple and fun!

12. Mix up bottle cap soup

Save those bottle caps and paint letters on them. Then mix them all up in a big bowl of “soup” and let kids have fun scooping them out with spoons, ladles, or other tools.

13. Joust with water balloons

With a pool noodle (and a fork) for a sword, you can joust for water balloons! It’s lots of fun and good for hand-eye coordination too.

14. Pierce a water-filled bag

Water Activities

This is one of those STEM water activities that you simply have to see to believe. Pierce a water-filled bag again and again, without spilling a drop of water!

15. Tap on a rainbow water xylophone

Water Activities

This colorful, tuneful activity is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. Experiment with different water depths and mallet styles to make all kinds of beautiful music!

16. Play a game of Duck Duck Splash

It’s so much fun to turn classic games into water activities! In this take on Duck Duck Goose, the tagged person gets a good splash of water before they run!

17. Learn with water balloon phonics

Water Activities

Set up letter targets, then toss water balloons marked with letter combinations to make words. What a fun way to learn sight words!

18. Make a mini water cycle terrarium

This mini terrarium is a cinch to put together, but kids will be amazed to see how well it replicates the water cycle!

19. Swing at water balloon piñatas

Dangle water balloons from a clothesline, then swing at them with a bag or stick. Instead of candy, you’re rewarded with a cool splash!

20. Build a LEGO water dam

LEGO bricks are great on their own, but add water and watch the fun multiply! Use colorful bricks to build a dam, pool, or water course.

21. Discover buoyancy and density

Water Activities

Take a nature stroll on a sunny day and pick up a variety of objects. Then bring them home and find out which ones float and which sink. Some of the results may surprise you!

22. Engineer a PVC pipe water shooter

Water Activities

These water shooters are simple to put together, and kids will be amazed by how far they shoot. Set up targets and test your accuracy

23. Target numbers with water balloons

Water Activities

Draw a giant target marked with numbers, then stand back and aim with water balloons. Add up the numbers you manage to hit to see who can accumulate the highest score!

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24. Jump through an amazing pool noodle sprinkler

Water Activities

You don’t need a pool to get wet with these noodles! Tape them together and poke some holes, then connect it to a hose for the coolest sprinkler around.

25. Race to fill the bucket

Teams race to transfer water from one bucket to another, using a sponge. Everyone is sure to get wet, but they’ll also have a blast!

26. Splash around in rainbow bubbles

Water Activities

What kid doesn’t love to play with bubbles? Fill a kiddie pool with them, and create a rainbow using liquid watercolor paints.

27. Spell words with swimming pool Scrabble

How clever is this? Write letters on sponges and float them in the pool. Kids swim out and grab a number of letters, then bring them back to spell the best word they can.

28. Jump rope with a cup of water

Water Activities

Two kids turn the rope, while a third jumps. But here’s the twist: the jumper carries a cup full of water. After 10 jumps, see how much water is still in the cup. Then switch roles and see if the next person can beat the record!

29. Make a water balloon yo-yo

Under-fill a water balloon and turn it into a yo-yo! Of course, it won’t last forever, so be prepared to get a little wet.

30. Put together a pool noodle water wall

Attach pool noodles to a pegboard using zip ties, then pour water to see where it lands. Simple water activities like this one can keep kids busy for hours!

31. Hold a spoon and water balloon race

This take on the egg and spoon race is less wasteful, but just as much fun. If the balloon drops, you can pick it up and keep going … as long as it doesn’t break.

32. Put together a PVC pipe course

Water Activities

A collection of PVC pipes and connectors make totally fun real-life building toys. Add water for an even bigger impact!

33. Light up the night with glow-in-the-dark water balloons

Join the fireflies with a nighttime water balloon fight! Simply add a glow stick to each balloon before you tie it off.