Access to Clean Water in Rwanda | UNICEF USA

This video is part of a series that is used to teach school children about UNICEF’s work and impact during Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’s 2016 campaign.

At just 13 and 12 years old, Innocent and Marceline are heads of their households, caring for younger brothers and sisters. Life is hard. What made it harder was lack of access to clean and safe drinking water. Like too many children in similar situations, Innocent and Marceline made long and strenuous trips to get the water they need for drinking, cooking, and bathing. They often went to bed hungry and thirsty. Their crops died for lack of water. Thanks to the humanitarian work of UNICEF and partners, Innocent and Marceline’s villages now have their own wells. Access to clean and safe water has changed their lives. Now the children of the villages have time to play, rest — and just be kids again.

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