How to Choose a Water Filter – The Ultimate Guide to Pure Drinking Water – Igor Milevskiy

Getting pure water today is not as easy as you think. Your regular tap water is filled with a lot of chemical residues. This week, we learn from Igor Milevskiy who will share about why he developed his Pure Effect Filter systems and why these are some of the best ones you can get.

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Show notes.
What the factors were that caused Igor to be dissatisfied with the tap water filters out there. (1:19)
Fluoride is a big problem in regular tap water filters (2:02)
Radiation in tap water cannot be filtered through conventional means (2:22)
What you can typically find in your own tap water (3:15)
The effects of chlorine disinfection byproducts on your tap water (8:45)
How radioactive substances end up in US tap water (9:40)
What chloramine is and how it cannot get out of your tap water (10:58)
How to find out what is in your tap water (12:08)
How we can protect ourselves by filtering our tap water (14:09)
The pros and cons of reverse osmosis tap water filtering (14:35)
What the healthiest water PH is (16:55)
How reverse osmosis alters the water PH (18:18)
The pros and cons of using distillation to filter your tap water (19:19)
How plastic leach into water and make it toxic (21:02)
Why ionizers should not be used to purify your tap water (22:56)
The pros and cons of using gravity filters to filter tap water (26:46)
Why pitcher and faucet filters are not a preferred method (31:12)
Why Pure Effect Filters are good for filtering your tap water (33:02)
Why the Ultra UC is one of the best filters on the market (34:41)
What the weakness of using a whole house filter is (39:24)
How the Pure Effect Filter formulations can remove virtually 100% of the fluoride content in your tap water (40:30)
How the Pure Effect Filter is effective at removing radioactive contaminants and heavy metals in your water (41:28)
Comparing the Pure Effect and reverse osmosis filters (43:11)
The potential drawbacks of the Pure Effect Filter (44:22)