How To Install A Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

A step by step video of a reverse osmosis installation including RO filter components and how to set up connections. Below are the video time indexed steps on how to install a RO water system:
0:50 Preparation work – make sure you have all components and prepare the work area.
2:43 Faucet – 3 possible ways for installing your faucet.
7:27 Water supply valve – splice the water line by connecting an angle stop valve.
9:57 Waste Drain Saddle – connect the drain saddle to plumbing P-trap for RO waste water.
16:15 Storage tank – connect the tank valve to the storage tank and turn the valve to the off position.
19:15 Connections and Final Tips – connect all tubing to your RO water filter components and check all connections.

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