Oxygen Not Included Outbreak – How to clean germs out of your polluted water within 5 mins (Video 6)

This 5 minutes tutorial will teach you how to clean germs from your polluted water for good.

– So one of our viewer said he struggled to hear my voice, I apologized for that.
I will write down what you need to do to clean your water.
Step 1: Build Liquid Tepldizer (under utilities, the 5th machine ) in your polluted water source.
Step 2: Build Thermo Regulator (under utilities, the 3nd machine) where the heated water comes out
Step 3: Build Water Purifier (under Refinement, the 2rd machine) where the cooled water comes out
** Remember to build your polluted water tank with Insulated Tiles**
If you want to make sure your water is clean before it goes back to your clean water tank, build a second polluted water tank (repeat all 3 steps)and purifier your water once more time.

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