RV Fulltime Living | Inexpensive Water Filter

It goes without saying that the quality of drinking water should be a priority for you and your family; whether you RV or not. If you live in a bricks and sticks you can usually know more consistently the quality of water you are dealing with. However, when traveling in an RV you can be certain you will encounter different quality of water. So how do you add some layer of protection without installing a water treatment plant. Simple RV filters are available to filter out some of the nasties. In this video, I will show you a relatively cheap filter i went with that does a little more than the common inline camco filter a lot of us have used.

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Camco EVO Primium RV & Marine Water Filter

Camco EVO Replacement Filter Cartridge

Camco Water Filter Stand

Camco EVO Mounting Bracket

Camco Primium Drinking Water Hose

Apex Comercial All Rubber Hose

Camco Brass Y Valve

Valtera 4’ Drinking Water Hose

Camco 90 Deg Elbow

DIG Backflow Preventer

3M VHB Tape (So many uses in an RV)

Looking to leave suburban life, to leave the known the static for something else. Will we end up full time RV living in our 34ft travel trailer or will we buy another house and start the cycle all over again. Will we end up boon docking or living off grid or will we end up in an RV park. Maybe we make even greater life style changes. Maybe we never leave where we are at. Journey with us while we go through this process of reevaluating our life style.

We pay our respect to the pioneers that inspired us to make the leap from campers to full timers: Nomadic Fanatic, Gone with the Wynns, Chris & G, Less Junk More Journey, and The Depreys.

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