Zip Counter-top Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review

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If you want the best water filter for you and your family then Reverse Osmosis is the way to go. It’s the most popular way to get the highest quality drinking water and now you can have an all in one filtration system that sits on your countertop.
Reverse Osmosis used to be a problem for renters or people who didn’t want to do the install necessary to install an RO unit in your home.
I’ve tested almost all of the cheap store bought water filters and while they claim to do A LOT, the results I’ve seen leave me skeptical.

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What makes this water filter so special is that you do not need to drill a hole into your existing plumbing to make it work. If you’ve ever considered an RO system, then you probably know that they need a place to drain all the waste water from the RO filter.
This is a big reason why renters or people who don’t want to deal with plumbing and skip out on the great filtration an RO filter can offer and go with a Purr or Brita filter.
The Zip filter is one of the most efficient RO systems because it’s rejected water is passed into the bottom 1 gallon tank. That means every gallon of water you put in, you get a half gallon of clean water.
This bottom tank will have to be completely emptied after every cycle because whats left is water that has a TDS of over 1000ppm.
In comparison, most RO systems waste around 4 gallons to filter one gallon of clean water. Some people claim that it’s closer to a 10 to 1 ratio.
So not only is the Zip filter much more efficient, it also allows you to use the wastewater for watering your plants instead of just going down the drain.
If you’ve given up on tap water and decided on bottled water then you’re paying 100’s of times more for the same water you can make at home and you don’t have to carry those heavy cases around.
This is true of evaporated water like the store bought SmartWater. That’s why almost all bottled water will have minerals added back into the water.
One concern I’ve heard a lot of people bring up is that Ro systems will turn water acidic because it eliminates the minerals in the water. All these minerals that a RO membrane rejects would have balanced out the PH making it more alkaline. The zip filter will add some good minerals back into the filtered water to balance out the Ph.
Another concern is that they filter the water too good and strip it of essential minerals. So if you want to take it a step further, you can add trace minerals back into your water.
A trend that I’ve been seeing a lot lately is this alkaline water that has an 8.5 ph level and in my opinion, that’s just a marketing tactic to get you to spend more on water.
Don’t waste your money on these overpriced jugs of alkaline water, but what I do recommend is buying one and saving the jug so you can transfer the water from your RO system and then store the water in your fridge.
I want to hear your opinion, have any of you tried a RO system and ended up feeling better or worse? I know I always feel better when I drink more water and I noticed after drinking RO water for years I’m more sensitive to the taste of chlorine in tap water.
They typically use higher quality plastics that won’t leach toxins into your water. Or if you’re really concerned, just use a glass or metal container.
One thing that really worries me about the under sink filter is the possibility of leaks.
There are a lot of pipes that are all under pressure from an unlimited supply of water from your city.
One leak, while you’re away, could do a lot of damage. If you do go with the under sink filter, just remember to always turn off your main supply line so if it does leak, it’s just a couple gallons from the storage tank.
The TDS levels on the Pur and tap water were pretty close which makes me wonder how much well it’s actually filtering my water.
The TDS on my under sink filter was the lowest and that’s because he doesn’t have a pH adjuster on it which adds minerals back into the water to help buffer it.
The tap water, not surprisingly has very high chlorine levels which aren’t something I’d like to drink. The pH is around 8 because of the high amounts of calcium and magnesium.
I’ve put over 300 gallons through my Zip filter and it still performs like it did when it was brand new.
So overall I highly recommend it. You get all the benefits of a RO system, which will give you very pure drinking water without the hassles of installing a larger system that requires a direct like to your water pipe and a line for the wastewater that requires you to drill into your existing pipes.