Brita Water Pitcher Filter Test

***This video is not sponsored. I paid for my own Costco membership and Brita pitcher with my hard earned money.***

I have been looking for a water filter that isn’t very expensive and does a good job. The most effective water filtration system is a Reverse Osmosis system, but it creates waste water in the process and I am not a fan of wasting water. I found a Brita Water filter pitcher at Costco and wanted to test it. In this video I test the filtration efficiency by measuring the TDS levels in PPM using my TDS meter. Let’s also see how it performs against my MWF GE Refrigerator Filter.

FYI – The GE MWF filter is rated for 6 months of use and when I tested it in this video, it had about 3 months of use. The first day I used the GE MWF Filter it decreased PPM levels to 270, but two days later they increased to 330 and could only get it lower if I dumped out one cup of water every single time I poured water. The Brita pitcher decreased PPM levels to 270 on the first day and one week later (first pour) it shows 276 PPM.

The Brita filter is cheaper, filters consistently, and because it is in the fridge it keeps your water cold. The downside is having to refill the pitcher. I usually refill the pitcher almost every time I pour myself some water.

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This is the specific model I tested:
Brita Wave 10 Cup Water Pitcher Plus 2 Advance Filters

3 Pack Brita Advanced Water Filters

You can also buy the pitcher and extra filters from Costco.

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