Huge Clean Water Reserves Discovered All Over Mars Within Human

The Event Is Coming Soon – Huge Clean Water Reserves Discovered All Over Mars Within Human Reach

New NASA images show layers of ice peeking out of eroded cliffs.

Underneath the surface of Mars, there is water ice in huge quantities. However, what have remained unknown are the properties of that ice, for instance, the purity of it, how deep it is and the shape it takes on.

This is something that has baffled geologists up to now, and it is something that mission planner who is planning visits to Mars want to know about. They want to know more about the subsurface ice reserves for mining it for drinking, crop growing and for conversion to hydrogen to use as fuel.

The First 20 Meters Of Ice Content Is Uncharacterized
The issue has been that rocks, dirt and other contaminants on the surface level have made it difficult to study the water ice. Mars landers are able only to drill or dig into the first few centimeters of the surface of Mars. Radar has only been able to give researchers an idea of what is lying many meters under the surface. The ice content of geology in-between the first 20 meters is uncharacterized.

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